The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Full-Time Working Mother

Whether you are a full time working mother through choice, or necessity, you face a unique set of challenges. Holding down a full time job while raising a family is not just difficult, it can also be an emotional rollercoaster.

Is it possible for full time working mothers to have it all… and how do you define “it all” anyway? For some of you, there is the constant nagging guilt that you’re doing the wrong thing, that you should be spending more time with your children while they are young… for others, there are the constant demands on your time and attention and a feeling of always being torn in two while never seeming to have a moment to yourself…

And then there are those of you who have learned to strike a balance, you enjoy your working life and thrive on excelling at work… and you are keen to set a good example to your children of what women can achieve when they set their minds to something. Many of you have learned to let the little things slide… it doesn’t really matter that your house is not perfect or that your bedroom’s a mess… the important things are that your children are happy and loved and that the time you spend together and the special moments are treasured. It’s the quality of time spent together, not the quantity…

If you are a full time working mother we would love to hear from you. Share your challenges, your successes and your secrets to achieving that elusive work life balance…

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