Flexible Working: The Holy Grail for Working Mothers

It’s the dream of many working mothers, finding a job that offers flexible working arrangements… whether it is the option to work part-time, work flexible hours around your personal responsibilities, or work from home for part of the week, a flexible job offers many advantages.

Some of you, especially those with young children, want a part-time role that allows you to spend more time with your kids. Some of you don’t necessarily want to work less hours, but you do want more control over your schedule. You want the flexibility to pick up the kids from school… take them to the doctor if you need to… work from home when they are sick… without being penalised or frowned upon and without having to use your precious holidays!

Many companies globally are beginning to recognise the benefits of flexible working for both employees and employers. The option to work from home, job share, work shorter hours or work hours other than the traditional 9-5, means that workers, and specifically working mothers like you, can integrate their work and personal lives more efficiently, leading to better employee satisfaction, increased productivity and a general increase in company loyalty.

But are Irish companies embracing this new working culture? If you work for a company that offers flexible working options and supports working mothers, please let us know.

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