Effective Ways to Tackle a Working Mothers Career Challenges

As a working mother we face a unique set of career challenges. No matter what we do, there is no getting around the fact that us women have to have the babies. And that means taking time out of our job or career once the baby is born. While most mothers revel in this special time of bonding with their new-born, it presents many challenges within the workplace once we return.

With maternity leave consisting of anywhere from a few weeks to over a year, working mothers face the challenge of returning to the working world and adapting to their new set of priorities. If you work in a fast-paced, demanding role, it can be difficult to adapt to the pace of the office after the time out and you may need help getting back up to speed.

If you are going for a new job interview, how do you handle questions about flexibility and overtime? Do you mention that you have kids or don’t you? You don’t want to put off a potential employer, but equally you don’t want to commit to more than you can handle. And how do you even broach the topic of reduced hours or flexitime with your current employer?

Those mothers who decide to become stay at home mothers, face a whole range of other challenges, if and when they decide to re-enter the workforce. It can be difficult to know if your skills are outdated or if your experience still counts. You may need to consider up-skilling and you certainly want to examine and highlight your transferable skills, especially if you are looking to change careers.

Whether you are figuring out how to update your CV after a career break… how to handle those tough interview questions… what courses you should consider to refresh or update your skills… how to succeed in your career while working part time… or how to smash that glass ceiling, while raising a family, we’re here to help you find the answers and give you the support and encouragement to achieve your career goals, whatever they may be.

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