Seek Work-Life Harmony, Not Balance

No doubt you’ve heard the expression “work-life balance” tossed around pretty frequently, you’ve probably even said it yourself. It’s a phrase that is used in particular when talking about working mothers, as we struggle to manage our different roles. However, maybe it’s a phrase that we should stop using…

Work-life balance implies that we are trying to make two parts of our life – our working life and our personal life – equal… it’s also something that’s difficult to do. Think about trying to balance anything… you have to have everything just right or the balance will be off and things will come crashing down.

Perhaps it is this very phrase that contributes to our working mother guilt… the constant nagging feeling that we are not giving one area of our life enough time and that we should be doing something more… or something else. We are constantly trying to maintain an unrealistic equilibrium to keep our lives on track.

On the other hand, work-life harmony implies a more pleasing arrangement. A life where work duties and responsibilities work in tandem with your personal and family time… each one getting more or less attention as required so that your life is flowing, constantly evolving and your work and personal lives are coexisting in the best way possible for you, whatever your circumstances.

Trying to getting everything “balanced” is exhausting, instead let’s aim to make our lives a rich fabric of interwoven roles working together in harmony.

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